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The dobermann is a working exam belonging breed in the FCI Group II.
It means only that dog may be a champion, who has working exam.

Dobermann is a middle size dog, strong and well musculared. Has an elegant sketching of his body, his proud keeping, his active nature and his determination personify the ideal dog on his basis.
This kind his fundamental nature friendly and peaceful, to the family affecctionate and child lover. The manageability is typical of him, the tall zeel to work, and the existence of the security instinct. Especially important, that confident brave and, let him be reliable.with the strangers generally reserved, but towards his environment attests tall interest.

From the antecedents we may have discovered that he is the Doberman an family-centred, active, dog desiring to work. The owner it is necessary to provide the common programs to his dog. Through a working dog the tracing, obedient and the security occupation for the most obvious solution, but their place is kept in the other sports perfect, let him be it agility,frisbee, canicross, bikejöring, Dog-dancind, obedience.
The first step the dog schools begin with the courses of a basis in all cases.
Studies together here the gazdi and the dog.
The first days run with big excitement always in the school. The owner and the doggie the basis may get the hang of commands equally, the gazdi with the correct leash catch, with reward techniques, with other ideas, with informations, the doggie learns the right conduct somebody else with dogs, with people, learns to concentrate the owner and both of them may obtain new friends.
In the additional ones the owner may decide which one he is to sport would be his mood, naturally the claims of the dog, taking his conditions into consideration.
The couple may make successful exams after checking against the instructing officer and may enter competitions.
In as much we would like to do sports active with our dog let us have the necessary hygienic filtrations done anyway pl. hip, knee, elbow filtrations.

Working dog exam regulations:
-BH exam
-Perseverance rehearsal

From the trainings, from exams, from competitions you receive baggier information in the dog schools selected by you.

We wish beautiful successes!

von Gruosi dogs in work:
Hch Dark Hill Belona - SchH3
Afton von Gruosi - BH, frisbee more 1st-3rd places
Beyoncé von Gruosi - HPO1
Brooklyn von Gruosi - BH, ZTP
Bronx von Gruosi - BH, ZTP
Delco von Gruosi - BH
Daerk von Gruosi - BH
Edra von Gruosi - BH
Eos von Gruosi - BH