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Instead of a family history overview I would like to tell the story about the name of our kennel.

Why Gruosi?

Franz Gruosi was born in 1952, and spent his childhood in Firenze, the city of art, style and aesthetics. He had a wish to beauty. So shortly he became a famous goldsmith and world famous mark's and family's jeweller.
Hewas always looking for newness, and originality so he get in touch with the „Black Wonder”. The world's biggest rough black diamond arrived to Europe in 1998. The polishing of the diamond was as far as 3 years. Gruosi was continually beautify it.
The Gruosi diamond is the world”s biggest, heart shaped black gemstone.


The Gruosi diamond
Friedrich Louis Dobermann was born in 1834. in Apolda. The trade and the industry, and the handicraft of the city was very important and it ensure a good subsistance for the population.
Mr. Dobermann had a lot of job. He was a taxman, and a flayer too. When he was a taxman, he often bring a lot of money with him, and he must ready for occurent attacks. He need a bodyguard. Mr Dobermann like to breed a kind of dog, who not afraid about a stick or about shooting. With a purposeful selection, he could fixed the guarding qualities in his dogs, so that they was exceed between other breeds.


Puppy from B litter


Every puppy is a rough diamond to us, with great heart and great thirst for knowledge.

Every puppy from our kennel is socializing in family, with many playing and familiarizing with many new thing in 8-10 weeks old.

We try to help he new owners to polishing these rough diamonds.
Our aim is to breeding dogs with good nervous system, health, beautiful appearance, who can valid on shows, similarly than in work, and can be a family dog too.

Greetings: Gabriella